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Make Your Own Labels

Owning a Label Printer is Good for Business

Local dealers

Sales and support in your area and language

Fast and easy

Print the labels you need, when you need them

A full line of options

Because one labeling solution does not fit all businesses

Contact us for a free & fast consultation with a label expert.

We can answer your questions and figure out where in-house printing can help your business.

You should be printing your labels

Labels are more than just a necessary part of doing business. Quality labels help you appeal to customers, get your products in their hands, maintain compliance with regulations, and build your brand’s presence in the market.

Which is why it’s important that you control your labeling processes. When you own a label printer, you can create professional-quality labels while avoiding the hassle, cost, and supply chain inconsistencies of ordered labels.

Afinia Label printers are ideal for short and medium runs and varying data or design, putting brands in full control of their production:

  • Reduce costs
  • Simplify processes
  • Easily vary content and designs
  • No print shop minimums, fees, or delays
  • Limit supply chain reliance

Free "Get Started" Kit

Buy an L801 Color Label Printer with a DLF-220s Tabletop Digital Label Finisher, and you’ll also get the following, all on us.

  • Blank label material roll

  • Roll of laminate material

  • Starter assortment of cores

  • 4 hours live remote training

This limited-time offer is worth a total of $2,000

Why Choose Afinia Label?

In-house label printing is fast, affordable, and easy. However, no one labeling solution fits all business, and selecting the right label printer involves multiple variables you’ll want to consider up front.


Let our experts and local dealers be your free, no-pressure guides.

  • Which printer fits my specific needs?
  • What are my long-term expenses and considerations?
  • What will my labels look and feel like?

Not convinced? Let us show you

We can provide you with samples and a cost per label analysis, using your label design.