Hedgehog Coffee Roasters - Case Study

Location: Merrimack, NH



Due to quality demands, label printing had to be outsourced. 2–3 week turnaround time was not acceptable. Sometimes they couldn’t sell product while waiting for labels to arrive.
Labels can be printed in-house immediately, in any quantity.
Preprinted labels meant that when Hedgehog Coffee found a special bean or wanted to produce ultra-short runs, they needed to either turn away the business or use a less professional looking label solution.
More versatility in label stock and the ability to alter labels on the fly allowed Hedgehog Coffee flexibility in sourcing beans. They are also able maintain better brand presentation and realize cost savings.
Outsourced 3" x 5" labels cost $1.00/each.
Total per label cost of $0.129 (ink and label stock) with 90% ink coverage at $0.029/label.