Digital Label Finisher Máquinas de acabamento de etiquetas digitais da série DLF

The gist: Digitally cut labels of any shape and size without the need for dies. Laminate, cut, remove waste material, slit, and rewind labels to finished rolls, ready for application.

Reduce costs

The DLF series of digital label finishing machines allows your company to produce short term labels internally, reducing inventory needs and associated costs. Enjoy the additional savings resulting from the elimination of pre-cut label rolls and the need for minimum spacing during borderless printing.

Accuracy and durability

With ultra-precise cutting capabilities, DLF series solutions allow you to easily produce beautiful, borderless labels. The DLF-220L and DLF-350L can also laminate labels for durability – no need for special label holders.

Advanced plotter cutting technology

All systems are equipped with advanced plotter-type cutting technology. This allows you to cut different types of materials and formats immediately without the additional cost of the molds. They are also equipped with a cutting management tool / black mark with camera registration system. This allows the optimization of the cutting speed without synchronization problems.

Afinia Label DLF-220L Digital Label Finisher video

Overview of the DLF series of digital label finishing machines

The Afinia Label DLF series includes all-in-one systems that unroll, laminate *, blade-cut, remove waste, cut lengthwise and rewind in a simple process to create professional-finished labels. These solutions are perfect for short term finishing when needed from digital color label printers. Refer to the comparative chart below for product specifications.

* Lamination options

The DLF-220L and DLF-350L laminate (with or without coating) for longer label durability. The DLF-220 does not include lamination and is ideal for companies that use pigment-based ink or laser-based printers (water resistant and anti-fade).





Input / Output Roll Diameter9.84” (250 mm)9.84” (250 mm)
Minimum Web Width4.33” (110 mm)4.33” (110 mm)
Maximum Web Width8.86” (225 mm)14” (355 mm)
Maximum Cutting Width7.87” (200 mm)13” (330 mm)
Minimum Slitting Width0.75” (19 mm)
Minimum Label Length0.39” (10 mm)
Maximum Label Length15” (381 mm)
Lamination ModuleYES
Number of Slitting Bladesup to 8up to 13
Minimum Media Thickness0.01″ (0.25 mm) (10 mil)
Maximum Cutting Speed24 in/s (600 mm/s) in all directions
Roll Core Size3” (76 mm)
Agency CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHS
WarrantyOne Year Parts and Labor. Usage Limitation may apply