In-store retail label personalization with Afinia Label printersWhat can label personalization do for you?

Connect your brand to customers through personalized product packaging.

On-the-spot custom packaging takes a standard retail product and—with the help of a desktop label printer—relabels it in a way that gives it a personal touch. Typically, this is done by adding or replacing a prominent graphic element with a person’s name or an image. Design and color schemes can also be altered by customers as labels are created.

This type of on-demand custom packaging has presented itself as an opportunity for retail brands to maximize product interest and optimize the in-store buying experience.

Bottom-line benefits

Real-world cases

Real companies like yours are using Afinia Label printers and building personalization campaigns to grow sales and entice store traffic, increase revenues, and build their brands.

Nutella/Vegemite at Kmart Stores – Australia

Kmart Stores in Australia acquired 215 L301 printers for in-store customization of some very popular food brands, Nutella and Vegemite. Jars were picked from an end-of-aisle display and presented to a store employee at a nearby service desk, where the custom labels were digitally printed and hand applied.

Customized Nutella at Kmart stores

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