About Afinia Label

Helping Companies Make Their Own Labels

Businesses across the globe are saving time and money while improving their labeling processes.

We have built a reputation for providing quality products that make label printing and finishing easier and more dependable than ever, while never losing focus on your number one overall concern: solid return on investment.

Whether you are outsourcing your labels or are an experienced label printer or converter, Afinia Label has a wide variety of in-house professional and industrial label printing and finishing solutions to suit your needs.

What Our Customers Say

Customers across the world say that our professional equipment pays for itself by a number of means:

  • Virtual elimination of label inventory and obsolete labels
  • Label cost savings vs. outsourced, sheet-fed, or competitors’ inkjet printers
  • Reducing time-to-market by avoiding lead-times and delays

Many customers purchase Afinia Label solutions to replace “less expensive” ones, reducing ink costs by up to 80%. Ink savings alone has many Afinia Label customers paying for a new printer within six months.

Be mindful not just of purchase price, but cost of ownership. “Less expensive” printers can become more costly when your printing volumes reach a certain point.

Our History

Afinia Label was founded in 2009 to offer specialty printing solutions with best-in-class support at accessible prices. Our parent company, Microboards Technology, has been offering media duplication products since 1989. This gives us a rock-solid foundation of technical expertise, and decades of experience providing the best possible customer service.

Our specialty printing solutions include industrial high-speed label printing and label finishing, with products available in over 55 countries. We build our equipment to generate return on investment as soon as possible. We do this by designing our industrial label printers and finishers to be fast and cost-effective. Depending upon the number of labels you will produce, our equipment can pay for itself in less than one year.

Have a look around our site to learn more or get in touch with us via our Contact Us page with any questions you have.