Watershield™ Technology

Enhanced durability for water-exposed labels

Watershield-printed labels are significantly more resistant to the effects of prolonged moisture exposure than conventional dye-based inkjet labels1. This makes the L801 Plus perfect for applications such as chilled beverages, foods, chemical or pharmaceutical products. This new technology also produces deeper and more neutral blacks.

Ideal for the top growing food and beverage categories2

  • Watershield technology is ideal for refrigerated entree labels

    Refrigerated Entrees

  • Watershield technology is ideal for frozen dessert labels

    Frozen Desserts

  • Watershield technology is ideal for refrigerated juice labels

    Refrigerated Juices

  • Watershield technology is ideal for frozen meat and seafood labels

    Frozen Meats And Seafood

Available in Afinia Label Printers

Watershield technology is available in the L801 Plus and L901 Plus digital color label printers from Afinia Label

Watershield Technology is available in the L801 Plus and L901 Plus Color Label Printers

Watershield Technology logo
  • Enhanced water resistance

    Enhanced Water Resistance

    Watershield-printed labels are much better at resisting the effects of moisture than those printed using traditional inkjet.

  • More neutral black chroma

    More Neutral Black Chroma

    Blacks and grays are more neutral in color, providing truer tones with less color tinting.

  • Safer chemical compositions

    Safer Chemical Compositions

    Watershield inks carry much less severe chemical warnings than traditional inkjet, UV, solvent, or liquid toner inks.

    These inks are free from phthalate esters, benzophenone, bisphenol-A (BPA), HAPs – Hazardous Air Pollutants, SVHCs, heavy metals, and aromatic amines.

  • Watershield technology is powered by Memjet

1  Water resistance can be media-dependent. Always test your printed label to be sure it meets your requirements.

2  Top growing categories are according to Smithers PIRA 2017 and The State of the Specialty Food Industry Report 2017.