AP200 Pouch Label Applicator

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$2,800.00 2,400 EUR
7.87 in (200 mm)
9 in (230 mm)
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The gist: The AP200 is a semi-automatic labeling machine designed for applying labels to flat unfilled pouches. Both single and front-and-back labels can be consistently applied by simply dropping a pouch into the machine.

Easily and consistently apply labels to pouches

The AP200 is a semi-automatic labeling machine designed for applying labels to unfilled pouches. Labels are easily applied as each pouch is dropped into the machine. Intuitive setup and operation allows for consistent placement and even application.

The ultrasonic media sensor is easily trained to detect gaps in a wider range of media than mechanical flag sensors common in other applicators, allowing the AP200 to perform consistently—even on thin, clear, or reflective materials.

A convenient calculator tool is available to make correct settings easy.

  • Designed for flat, unfilled pouches
  • Apply one or two different labels per container
  • Works with zippers and degassing valves
  • Reliable ultrasonic gap sensor

AP200 Details

AP200 pouch labeling machine offsets and label placement diagram


Technical Data

Supply voltageNorth America - 110V AC, 60 Hz — Europe, Middle East, Asia - 220V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption<100VA.
Dimensions17.3" (440mm) W, 9" (230mm) H, 13" (330mm) D
Machine weight33 lbs (15kgs)
Width of Bag3.2" (80mm) to 9.8" (250mm)
Length of Bag4.75" (120mm) to 13.75" (350mm)
Thickness of Bag<0.2" (5mm)
Width of label1" (25mm) to 9.00" (230mm)
Length of Label1" (25mm) to 11.81" (300mm)
Label gap>0.1 inches (2.5mm)
Diameter of label roll<7.87 inches (200mm)
Core diameter2 to 3 inches (50 to 76mm)
Label feed speed0.03 to 0.1m/sec - programable.
Distance to start labeling from
the edge of the bag
Approximately 1.18" (30mm)
Modes1 or 2 label modes
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