Memjet Printhead Best Practices

Get the most out of your high-capacity Memjet printheads by following these best practices

For all Afinia Label printers with Memjet technology

Storage & Installation

  • Always store right side up, as indicated by the box label
  • Install printhead within two years of manufacturing date
  • Save the orange/red plastic cap from new packaging for later use
  • Replace the microfiber roller with each new printhead (Does not apply to X350)


  • Up to 10 days:   Keep printer powered on at night and weekends
  • 10+ days:   Remove printhead and store per the instructions in your printer’s manual

NOTE: With regular operation, printhead nozzles remain hydrated as ink flows through the system. For this reason, heavy users get the most life out of their printheads. If you are light user, try to print every day.

In addition, regularly using as much of the print width as possible will increase the output potential of each printhead. For narrow label situations, this is achieved using multiple-up labels and a slitter.


  • Operating: 59°–95°F (15°–35°C); Relative humidity: 35–80%
  • Storage: 23°–113°F (-5°–50°C); Relative humidity: up to 85%, non-condensing at 65
  • Maintain a clean and dust-free environment
  • Use media that is clean and free of dust and adhesive residue


  • Perform regular maintenance — Keep printer and media path clear of paper dust and adhesive residue buildup.
  • Limit air exposure — If printhead nozzles will be exposed for longer than 30 seconds, remove printhead from printer and store in plastic cap with distilled/deionized water.
  • Manual clean — Use distilled/deionized water and lint-free cloth. NEVER use alcohol or paper towels to wipe the printhead. NEVER touch the nozzles.
  • Use KWS — Keep default KWS settings and adjust—if needed—based on environment.