LT5C Rewinders & Accessories

Medium / High
5.12" (130.0mm)

Optimize your label printing workflow

Designed specifically for the LT5C, these accessories provide options for improved workflow and efficiency. Industrial design and heavy-duty construction makes these items perfect for high volume jobs.

  • Label Rewinder
  • Inline & Offline Matrix Removers
  • Inline Slitter & Matrix Remover
  • LT5C Workbench

LT5C Rewinders & Accessories Details

LT5C Label Rewinder

Rewind printed output from your LT5C onto 3-inch cores. Speed is automatically synchronized by the tension arm and alignment is maintained by a steel connection plate for tight, consistent rolls.

LT5C Inline Matrix Remover

Create perfect edge-to-edge (full bleed) labels by printing over the cut edge of pre-die-cut labels. Removing the waste matrix in as the labels exit the printer provides optimal efficiency. A connection plate and tension arm ensures roll tightness and consistency.

Afinia Label LT5C offline slitter and matrix remover rewinder

LT5C Offline Slitter and Matrix Remover

This offline rewinder is perfect full bleed labels that need to be slit down to separate narrow rolls. Printed rolls are placed here for waste matrix removal and slitting. Slitting blade positions are easily adjusted for accurate and tight finished rolls.

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