LT5C Rewinders & Accessories

Medium / High
5.12" (130.0mm)

Optimize your label printing workflow

Designed specifically for the LT5C, these accessories provide options for improved workflow and efficiency. Industrial design and heavy-duty construction makes these items perfect for high volume jobs.

  • Label Rewinder
  • Inline & Offline Matrix Removers
  • Inline Slitter & Matrix Remover
  • LT5C Workbench

LT5C Rewinders & Accessories Details

LT5C Label Rewinder

Rewind printed output from your LT5C onto 3-inch cores. Speed is automatically synchronized by the tension arm and alignment is maintained by a steel connection plate for tight, consistent rolls.

LT5C Inline Matrix Remover

Create perfect edge-to-edge (full bleed) labels by printing over the cut edge of pre-die-cut labels. Removing the waste matrix in a single, inline pass provides optimal efficiency. A connection plate and tension arm ensures roll tightness and consistency.

*Also available in offline configuration.

LT5C Workbench

Create a complete print station with this industrial-grade work table, built specifically for the LT5C and its accessories. The table comes equipped with wheels for smooth mobility and storage shelves to stock tools, material, and other consumables.

*Available with or without extension shelf.


Technical Data

Supply voltage:North America - 110V AC, 60 Hz — Europe, Middle East, Asia - 220V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption:50W
Electrical connection:Grounded AC power cable
Dimensions:14.4" (365mm) W, 9.5" (245mm) H, 13" (330mm) D
Weight:26.5 lbs (12kg)
Diameter of the container:1 to 6.3 inches (25 to 160mm)
Length of the container:3.15 to 9.45 inches (80 to 240mm)
Maximum roll diameter:8 inches (203mm)
Core size:1.8 to 3 inches (46 to 76mm)
Label width:1 to 6 inches (25 to 150mm)
Label length:1 to 19.68 inches (25 to 500mm)
Label gap:0.1 to 0.4 inches (2.5mm to 10mm)
Dispensing speed:4 in/sec (0.1m/sec)
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