Industrialna Himia Ltd Improves Label Printing with the Afinia Label LT5C and A200 Applicator - Case Study

Location: Bulgaria

The Challenge: Overcoming Inefficient Label Production

Industrialna Himia Ltd, the largest Bulgarian producer of industrial chemical products, faced difficulties with their labeling process:

  • A vast product portfolio requiring various label designs, shapes, and sizes
  • Frequent legislative changes impacting label content requirements
  • Minimum quantity requirements imposed by print houses
  • Outdated label stock resulting in losses

Afinia Label Solutions: LT5C Printer and A200 Bottle Label Applicator

By implementing the Afinia Label LT5C printer and A200 bottle label applicator, Industrialna Himia overcame their labeling challenges and achieved significant improvements:

  • On-demand printing of durable labels, reducing costs, lead times, and label waste by 95%
  • Efficient and consistent label application with the A200 applicator, replacing hand labeling
  • Adherence to changing legislative requirements and reduced losses from outdated labels

Stanislav Ivanov, Managing Owner of Industrialna Himia, said, “Thanks to the Afinia and Diktech team, we are now able to independently decide on the necessary product labels within a short period and have them within a day.”

Partnering with Local Experts: Diktech

Diktech, the local authorized Afinia Label dealer for Industrialna Himia Ltd, provided exceptional support and service throughout the implementation process. Afinia Label’s global network of local dealers, like Diktech, offers customers the benefits of local language support, connection to supplies and support, and other important benefits that make the implementation process smoother and more efficient.


With Afinia Label and Diktech’s partnership, Industrialna Himia significantly improved their label production process. The use of Afinia Label equipment helped the company reduce losses from outdated labels and waste, gain independence in deciding on necessary product labels within a short period, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

To learn more about Industrialna Himia Ltd, visit their website at For inquiries, email [email protected].