Afinia Label to Release A200 Label Applicator

The A200 is a semi-automatic labeler designed for bottles, jars, cans, and other cylindrical containers.

The A200 is a semi-automatic label applicator for bottles, cans, and cylindrical packaging. Single or front-and-back labels are applied straight, smooth, and perfectly-spaced. This increases productivity while delivering a professionally-labeled container each and every time.

The A200 features an advanced ultrasonic label sensor, allowing for a wider range of compatibility with thinner label materials than mechanical flag sensors common in other applicators.

Applying labels with the A200 is simple and consistent. Round containers are placed against configurable guides to maintain perfect label placement. Then, with a press of a button or the included foot pedal, labels are precisely dispensed and affixed to the container.

A200 Bottle Label Applicator from Afinia Label

A convenient online calculator tool is included to quickly and accurately determine the necessary values for proper spacing on front and back labels, such as those commonly found on wine bottles. These values can easily be entered, saved, and recalled with the intuitive LCD display. Up to 10 preset configurations can be saved on the A200.

“Hand applying is slow and results in rework if labels are not perfectly placed,” said Mike Atkins, Afinia’s National Sales Manager. “The A200 Bottle Label Applicator is a durable, low-cost solution for our customers needing to increase productivity while maintaining a consistent, professional look for their packaging on the store shelf. This machine saves time and money with simple, consistent, and reliable label application.”

A200 is compatible with labels created by any of Afinia’s bestselling L901, L801, L502 and LT5C color label printers, making it a perfect accessory for companies using cylindrical packaging. Afinia’ digital label finishers—such as the DLF-140s, DLF-220s, and DLF-220L—also create roll labels that can be used with this applicator.

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