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Independent Producers: How in-house label printing can boost profit

May 20, 2019

Improved brand targeting During the busiest parts of the year, whether that’s your Spring sale or the classic Christmas rush, no one likes to be kept waiting. In-house label printing allows you to effectively skip the line, no waiting in line as outsourced suppliers drive up prices and lengthen production schedules to suit themselves. From a financial perspective, short campaigns... View Article

How to Determine Label Costs

October 23, 2018
Let’s take a look at the importance of cost per label and production volume when buying a label printer. What most businesses don’t realize is that it’s often ink consumption, not the upfront price, which determines the real cost of any label printer. Depending on the number of labels you need, the cheapest machines can actually be the most costly.

Stop Outsourcing Your Labels Now

April 4, 2018

Owning your label printer is better than ordering printed labels Many companies order pre-printed rolls of labels from a print shop or online label store. Let’s talk about the three main (and often hidden) inconveniences and unnecessary extra costs associated with this method. 1) Minimum orders and price breaks When you need labels, you’re thinking it makes sense to pre-order... View Article

Return on Investment: DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label Press

March 11, 2016

The DLP-2000 Digital Label Press  has a number of great features. It can: Print Laminate Die-cut Remove waste matrix Slit/sheet Rewind labels The DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label Press brings the incredible speed, quality and economical low cost-per-print of Memjet Technology together with the precision and performance of RotoMetrics magnetic cylinders and dies. Finally, labels can be printed, laminated and cut in-line.

Return on Investment: DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher

March 9, 2016

Return On Investment is an important decision factor when considering the purchase of capital equipment. With that in mind, the DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher  has a number of useful features. It can: Laminate Plotter-cut (no dies necessary) Remove waste matrix Slit labels Rewind to rolls It’s a perfect choice for brands and label converters needing to produce different sized and... View Article

Return on Investment: L801 Color Label Printer

March 7, 2016

Three ROI Scenarios for the L801 The Memjet-powered L801 Digital Color Label Printer features numerous benefits, including: Speed Output quality Low total cost of ownership. This adds up to an accelerated ROI. Here are three ROI scenarios that L801 customers have shared with us.