CX1200 FX1200 v L801 DLF-1100 Comparison

Are you considering a CX1200 FX1200 “bundle” purchase for $55,000*

We suggest that you consider the Afinia Label L801 DLF-1100 combination for $36,990*, which is around $18,000 less than the CX1200 FX1200 “bundle”. CX1200 FX1200

Not only is the Afinia Label L801 DLF-1100 combination about $18,000 less expensive, the L801 is much faster, can print at higher resolution, is much lighter and much smaller than the CX1200.

  • The Afinia Label L801 prints at either 30’/min or 60’/min
    • The CX1200 prints at 16.25’/min
      • The L801 prints either 185% or 369% faster than the CX1200
  • The L801 prints at either 1600×1600 or 1600x800dpi
    • The CX1200 prints at either 1200×600, 1200×1200, or 2400x600dpi
      • The L801 can print at a higher resolution than the CX1200
  • The L801 weighs 83 lbs.
    • The CX1200 weighs 256 lbs, without its bench
      • The L801 weighs 77% less
  • The L801 measures 18.9″ x 19″ x 21.1″
    • The CX1200 measures 76″ x 22″ x 22″, without its bench
      • The L801 is 74% smallerCX1200 FX1200


  • The Afinia Label DLF-1100 weighs 185 lbs
    • The FX1200 weighs 498 lbs
      • The DLF-1100 weighs 62% less
  • The DLF-1100 measures 31″ x 21″ x 22″
    • The FX1200 measures 78″ x 30″ x 56″
      • The DLF-1100 is 89% smaller
  • In total, the Afinia Label L801 and DLF-1100 would occupy  less desktop space than the FX1200.

If you would like an inline solution, and space is a consideration, we recommend that you consider the Afinia Label DLP-2000 Mini-Digital Label Lx1200 FX1200 DLP-2000Press.

The DLP-2000 prints (using the included Afinia Label L801), laminates, semi-rotary die cuts, slits, and rolls labels at 30’/min. It can do all that and run 185% faster than the CX1200. The DLP-2000 is also only 14″ longer than the CX1200

Contact the Afinia Label team for more information.

*Prices is MSRP in USA and Canada. Shipping, applicable taxes, and installation not included. Afinia Label is not affiliated with the manufacturer of the CX1200 or FX1200.