How In-house label printing boosts convenience & efficiency

Modern digital label printing technology has developed significantly in recent years, resulting in dramatically lower costs and a more accessible marketplace for those looking to bring their printing services in-house.

But what’s the point in taking on that extra hassle?

For a start, printing in-house can have a transformative effect on your business’s bottom line: it lowers the inventory cost of large product ranges, allows you to create more distinct and unique branding, and smoothens your supply chain. The best part? It’s actually less hassle for independent businesses than ordering in bulk from a 3rd party!

And that’s what we’re looking at here: the tangible business benefits of bringing your label printing in-house.

Convenience and efficiency

In-house printing means on-demand printing.

Limiting supply chain snags and smoothing out the production-to-packaging-to-market process is a key objective for any small business. Any tool that can reduce administrative costs and bring tangible efficiencies – without costing more than what it saves – is a no-brainer.

One example most businesses can relate to is inventory management. The ability to print on demand reduces the need to maintain heaps of packaging stock “just in case”. Anticipating order quantity is like gambling: you just can’t be sure.

Moving in-house allows you to maintain total flexibility, using ink and labels only when you need them. Modern label printers are incredibly fast and intuitive, which means there’s no real time lost in production, either.

Peace Coffee

One company which has been proactive in improving their business is Peace Coffee out of Minnesota. They currently design and print custom labels, on-demand, for their 15 specialty coffee blends, using the Afinia L801 label printer.

The L801 allows customers to truly design what they want their brand to look like – and then makes it happen.

Increased branding opportunities

If you’re a small business owner, you care about your product. You care about the style, feel, and experience that your products provide. You’re passionate about what you make, and whenever possible, you take the opportunity to tell your story.

Whether it’s about how, in a small corner of your local town, you and a few friends started brewing beer; or the unique way that you’ve chosen to blend your coffee beans, stories matter for small businesses. And branding is the art of telling that story.

In-house label printing creates new branding opportunities for your business.

Working in-house gives you unlimited creativity over your designs, while outsourcing means selecting from a few cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all presets. Whereas in-house label printing gives you the freedom to tell your story, outsourcing is restrictive and can limit your creative opportunity.

There are no unique markets anymore: virtually every product and service is saturated with competing businesses. So how do you, a small, independent company, stand out from the pack? It’s about building a personalized relationship with your customer – something you can’t do when selecting from the same old options as everyone else!