Newfoil Machines, Ltd. Makes the Connection with the L801

Bret Bailey is Sales Manager of Newfoil Machines Ltd, located in Oldham, England. Newfoil is a world-wide distributor of hot-foil printing and label converting machines. Their equipment is considered the industry-standard for high quality finishing and converting.

 Evolution v. Extinction

Newfoil Machines Ltd. has focused on innovating the roll fed, hot foil label printing field for the past 32 years. Because of this, they are considered the industry standard. In addition, the company’s machines can be found in over 95 countries.

The Newfoil 3534 will be shown at LabelExpo 2014.

The Newfoil 3534 will be shown at LabelExpo 2014.

When we asked Bailey how Newfoil Machines was so successful, he explained, “We are very customer-centric. Whether our customer is working out of his garage, or is part of a very large company, when they ask if we can do something, we don’t like to say no. We are primarily engineers, and if our customer wants to do it, we’ll find a way to make it happen. We’ve evolved by understanding and meeting our customer’s needs, because if we don’t, we’ll go extinct.” Newfoil thrives off customer feedback and is constantly brainstorming ways to improve their machines. This has allowed Newfoil customers to enjoy extended equipment life, due to upgrades to legacy systems.

Their newest machine, the Newfoil 3534, is an outgrowth of customer ideas and the integration of the latest development in servo technology, and will be shown at LabelExpo 2014, September 9 – 11 on Stand 1829.

Making the Connection

One solution that Newfoil exhibited last Autumn at LabelExpo in Brussels was the L801 in line with the Newfoil 2500 Servo.

The L801 connected to the 2500 Servo.

The L801 connected to the 2500 Servo.

“We are very happy with the system,” Bailey says. “And it doesn’t matter if the L801 is connected to the 2500 Servo. They complement each other very well, even when separated. However, what is truly brilliant about running them together is the ability to pause and restart the L801 in-sync with our 2500.”

“The versatility of the machine is also helpful. You can disconnect the L801 from the Newfoil and use it as a desktop printer to run a small job. Then you can re-connect the L801 and Servo 2500 and straight away, it’s printing,” adds Bailey.

Not Just for Labels

“One of our biggest market areas is wines and spirits labels. For example, we’ve sold a lot of equipment in California wine country. If you are enjoying a bottle from the Napa Valley area, it is very possible that our equipment was used to print and convert the label.”

“Our customers use our equipment for much more than just labels, however. For example, one of our customers is printing and cutting leather diary covers. Our equipment is also being used to print on ribbons, cardboard boxes, and other promotional items. Think about a gift box of chocolates and the decorative foil print. That is something we can do, too.”

Speeding Things Up

“Before we switched to the L801, we were using other inkjet machines. They were not too successful, due to print speeds. When the Memjet technology came out, we were very excited. The L801’s stationary printhead allows for much faster, and more successful, printing. It’s been a great inline digital solution when combined with our converting equipment. We get our L801 printers from Magnum Materials. They made a few adjustments to the L801 and it runs perfectly with the Newfoil 2500 Servo.”