Top Ten Reasons to Print Your Own Labels

Switching from Third Party to In-House Label Printing

print your own labelsIf you are having a third party print your labels or you are a new brand, here are a few reasons to print your own labels:

  1. Print as many labels as you need, when you need them.
    • Need a single label or thousands? You can only do that when you print labels in-house.
  2. Make label changes on-the-fly as ingredients changes or governmental regulations dictate.
    • The Federal government requires you to add a “Consume By” date on all of your products? No problem.
  3. Greatly-reduce your lead times.
    • Ordering labels can take days or weeks. When you print your own labels you can have them in seconds or minutes.
  4. Quicker time-to-market for new products.
    • Have a new product that you would like to test? Create and print the new labels, deliver your product, and beat the competition.
  5. Gives you the option to private-label your products for others.
    • Ever have a customer ask you to put their label on your products? Now you can.
  6. Reduced cost per label, depending upon your volume.
    • Short label runs are expensive. Not when you print in-house.
  7. Virtually eliminate pre-printed label inventory.
    • To get the best price per label you have to order a lot of them. Sometimes, more than you need. When you print your own labels, you print only what you need.
  8. Vary the data, images, and/or text to create custom labels.
    • Need product labels in varying amounts with different images, text, bar codes, and SKU numbers? You can do that using optional BarTender software.
  9. Quickly comply with major customers’ labeling requirements.
    • If you sell to major retailers they probably tell you exactly how to label your products. It’s really easy to comply when you print your labels in-house.
  10. Single-pass label printing. No need to print variable information on labels.
    • If you are buying pre-printed color labels and running them them through a thermal printer, you can do the same thing in-house, in one pass.