Return on Investment: DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher

Return On Investment AfiniaLabel-DLF-1000-sRight-300x281Return On Investment is an important decision factor when considering the purchase of capital equipment. With that in mind, the DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher  has a number of useful features. It can:

  • Laminate
  • Plotter-cut (no dies necessary)
  • Remove waste matrix
  • Slit labels
  • Rewind to rolls

It’s a perfect choice for brands and label converters needing to produce different sized and shaped labels. Here is a common scenario to illustrate the type of return on investment customers might expect.

Scenario: Printing short label runs on pre-cut label stock

In this scenario, it is necessary to stock many different types of pre-cut labels, with a high possibility of label waste. ROI from the DLF-1000 can come from two sources: purchasing blank label stock instead of pre-cut labels, and eliminating the need to send printed labels out for lamination.

Let’s say you have 250 label projects per month, requiring 50 different pre-cut label sizes. Assuming you hold 50 rolls containing 1,000 labels each, your inventory cost will be approximately $2,700. If you produce only the number of labels you or your client needs, you will also have waste.

With the DLF-1000, your label printer can output any number of any sized labels using 500 ft rolls of blank stock, which can be obtained the next day, in most markets. You can cut your inventory down to a couple 500 ft rolls of blank label stock ($130.00) and still be able to create labels in unusual sizes and shapes. Your competitors probably can’t do that for short runs.

Payback: Less than 36 months

Note: ROI does not include additional cost savings from eliminating pre-cut label stock inventory and the expense of sending-off labels for lamination. It also does not include the positive impact of incremental revenue generated due to offering custom label shapes.