Return on Investment: DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label Press

DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label PressThe DLP-2000 Digital Label Press  has a number of great features. It can:

  • Print
  • Laminate
  • Die-cut
  • Remove waste matrix
  • Slit/sheet
  • Rewind labels

The DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label Press brings the incredible speed, quality and economical low cost-per-print of Memjet Technology together with the precision and performance of RotoMetrics magnetic cylinders and dies. Finally, labels can be printed, laminated and cut in-line.

Scenario: A larger brand or label producer wants to print shorter runs in-house

Customers who have larger product lines and existing RotoMetrics® dies find the DLP-2000 to be a compliment to existing Flexo/Litho/Offset/Indigo presses, as the DLP-2000 can be cost-effective in runs of 10,000 or less. The DLP-2000 is also an important addition because, being digital, it does not require plates.

Wide-format shops are regularly faced with the dilemma of producing short label runs for important clients. Using a Flexo/Litho/Offset/Indigo for this purpose results in a financial loss. Memjet has created an exhaustive cost comparison for this scenario. If a client orders a run of 10,000 labels, a Flexo press can run them at a total cost of $694.20. An L801 can run those same labels for a total cost of $489.30, without the cost of plates.

Savings: $204.90 for 10,000 labels x 8 runs per month = $1,639.20/month x 12 months = $19,670.40/year

Payback: Less than 36 months

Note: ROI does not include the added profit from additional sub-10,000 runs. The L801 can be used with Wasatch SoftRIP color profiles to run proofs that look like they were made on other types of label printing equipment.