Afinia Label Samples Key - Cost Per Print

Welcome to the sample key page for the X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press. The purpose of this table is for comparison of per-print ink costs for labels printed on the X350. 

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Size (in)Size (mm)


4 x 6102 x 152$0.039

Fundraiser Popcorn

5 x 6127 x 152$0.018


4 x 6.5102 x 165$0.018


4 x 6102 x 152$0.018

Pig League BBQ

3.5 x 6.589 x 165$0.037

Icy Bars

4 x 6102 x 152$0.032


3.7 x 5.594 x 140$0.017

NOTE – Per-print calculations accurate as of April, 2024. Numbers reflect USD (Americas) list pricing for X350 ink. Prices are subject to change, and may not be immediately reflected in this data. For current calculations using your label designs, please request a sample or contact us.