Variable Data Printing Market Growth

Variable data printing is a rapidly growing requirement for many industries. According to a recent report by MarktsandMarkets, the variable data printing market is projected to reach USD 22.27 billion by 2021. That is to say, within five years, it is expected to double it’s current market size of USD 10.79 billion.

Why Variable Data Printing is Growing

Variable data printing with L801Variable data printing is especially important in markets such as food/beverage, pharmaceutical, and cannabis labeling: markets required by the government to display several variable details.

MarketsandMarkets explains that the demand for consumer awareness (especially in terms of product ingredients) and the expanding healthy food trend has increased the need for variable data printing in the food and beverage market. It’s also noted that the desire to print varied data labels in a time- and cost-effective manner has added to the growth of the variable data printing market.

Afinia Label’s Variable Data Printing Solutions

We offer several label printing and finishing solutions that have proven to be beneficial for markets requiring variable data on their labels. Most notably, the Memjet-powered L801 Professional Color Label Printer. The L801 helped one food company save 94%, and helped a cannabis company eliminate $20,000 of pre-printed label inventory.

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