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What Can Afinia Label Printers do for You? (Find out – It’s Free!)

Do you wonder what our narrow web label printing solutions can do for your business? We now offer a sample upload service for you to see for yourself: Just fill out the request form, upload your sample file, and submit. We will print the label, quote the ink cost, and send both to you.

“Until now, the most expensive component of a digitally printed label has been the ink,” said Mike Atkins, our National Sales Manager. “Memjet technology has changed that. Labels printed on the L801 Label Printer routinely cost one-tenth the price of many popular desktop inkjet label printers. And now, potential clients can see how low the operating cost can be, and how the L801 Label Printer can make perfect business sense.”

How Does it Work?

Finding out how we can help your business by using the Afinia Label Sample Page is simple and convenient. If you’re interested in evaluating a digital label printer, you can upload a PDF file of your label artwork. Within a few days, we’ll send you a printed sample and a cost analysis of the label by mail. The sample can be printed on either the Memjet-powered L801 or the BS5609-certified, dry toner based R635.

Printer Options

Our incredibly fast L801 Label Printer has an industry-leading ink cost of less than 3 cents for a 4” x 6” label with 75% coverage. This is a fraction of the cost of other inkjet label printers. To top it all off, the L801 supports 3 print modes: Roll to Roll, Roll to Cut, Print & Hold.

Our R635 Label Printer, designed for mid-range and industrial printing, saves on cost by bringing label printing in-house. In addition to printing prime labels for industries like coffee, wine, and specialty foods, the R635 is used by many companies for private labeling of chemicals because of its ability to create output that meets GHS and BS5609 requirements.

Leading the Way

Afinia Label emerged as a digital label printing system leader in 2012 when we collaborated with Memjet to create a commercially viable narrow web label printing solution. We are excited to say that we are now one of the largest distributors of Memjet-based label printers in the world. Let us show you how you can enhance your business with the Afinia Label printers and Memjet technology.